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What is a truck tractor?

A truck tractor, also known as a tractor truck or tractortrailer, is a commercial vehicle used to tow a semi-trailer or other heavy-duty trailer. It usually consists of an engine, cab and traction device, but does not include a cargo box. Its main function is to provide power and control to tow and transport cargo.

Tractor truck

Tractor Truck

A tractor unit is a heavy-duty vehicle designed specifically for transportation. It is usually used in conjunction with one or more semi-trailers to transport large amounts of cargo. The design of the tractor head focuses on providing strong power, good maneuverability and high durability to adapt to various transportation needs.

A powerful and versatile vehicle designed for hauling heavy loads over long distances. Our tractor trucks are equipped with advanced features and technologies to ensure smooth and efficient operation.

About Our Tractor Truck:

  • Powerful engine: Equipped with a high-performance diesel engine, providing ample power and torque.

  • Advanced suspension system: ensures stable vehicle driving and reduces the risk of cargo damage.

  • Comfortable cab: Provides the driver with spacious space and modern comfort facilities.

  • Efficient braking system: including anti-lock braking system (ABS) and electronic braking system (EBS) to improve safety.

  • Traction: It has strong traction and can pull semi-trailers of different types and weights.

  • Fuel Efficiency: Designed to focus on fuel economy and reduce operating costs.

Widely Applications:

Tractor heads are widely used in industries such as logistics, construction, mining and agriculture to transport various types of goods, including but not limited to:

  • Container cargo

  • Bulk materials( such as grain or sand)

  • Heavy machinery and equipment

  • Dangerous goods

  • Refrigerated cargo

Types of usual semi-trailers that can be connected to the tractor truck:

  • Flatbed semi-trailer: suitable for transporting large objects or bulk goods. For example: Container semi trailer...

  • Low-bed semi-trailer: specially designed for transporting international standard containers.

  • Refrigerated semi-trailers: used to transport goods that require temperature control.

  • Tank semi-trailer: used to transport liquid or powdery substances. For exemple: LPG tanker semi-tralier, Fuel tank tralier, Chemical liquid tank trailer, Vacuum suction trailer, Concrete mixer trailer, V shape bulk cement semi trailer, Bulk feed transport semi trailer...

  • Dump semi-trailer: used to transport bulk materials and can unload automatically. For example: Tipper trailer.

And we also have Cargo Tralier, Cargo fence trailer, Full trailer / dolly, Curtain trailer, Van box semi trailer, Wingspan semi trailer, Refrigerated semi trailer, Car carrier semi trailer...Tractor truck-

The connection method between the tractor head and the semi-trailer

The connection between the tractor truck and the semi-trailer is usually achieved in the following ways:

Fifth wheel: A common connection method that connects to the semitrailer's towing pin through a rotating metal disk.

King pin: Inserts directly into the towing pin of the semi-trailer, suitable for certain types of semi-trailers.


  1. Q: Do tractors need a special driving license?

    A: Yes, due to the size and weight of the tow truck, a special or commercial driver's license is usually required to operate it.

  2. Q: Is the maintenance cost of the tractor head high?

    A: Maintenance costs for tractor engines are relatively high because they are heavy-duty vehicles that require regular maintenance to ensure safety and performance.

  3. Q: What is the fuel efficiency of the tractor head?

    A: Modern tractor-trailer designs are increasingly focused on fuel efficiency, but they are still less fuel-efficient than smaller vehicles because they require more power to tow heavy loads.

  4. Q: How long is the lifespan of a tractor head?

    A: The life of the tractor head can exceed 10 years, but this also depends on the frequency of use, maintenance quality and operating conditions.

  5. Q: How much weight of a semi-trailer can be towed by the tractor?

    A: The weight of the semi-trailer that can be towed by the tractor head depends on its design and capabilities, which can usually range from a few tons to dozens of tons.




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