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What is a chemical tanker truck?

Chemical Tank Truck is a special vehicle specially designed to transport various chemical products. It has a special tank structure and safety system to ensure safety and reliability during transportation.

Chemical liquid tank truck-

  • Special tank: made of stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant materials, customized according to the characteristics of the chemical substances transported.

  • Anti-corrosion design: The inside of the tank is coated to prevent chemical corrosion and extend its service life.

  • Safety valve: Equipped with breathing valve and emergency discharge valve to ensure safety when pressure changes.

  • Loading and unloading system: Equipped with a dedicated loading and unloading interface and pumping system to facilitate the loading and unloading of chemicals.

  • Temperature Control: For chemicals that require temperature control, tank trucks can be equipped with heating or cooling systems.

  • Safety signs: There are clear chemical dangerous goods signs and safety warning labels on the outside of the tank.

  • Emergency cut-off device: In an emergency, the connection between the tank and the tractor can be quickly cut off.

Chemical liquid tank truck-2

Chemical Tank Truck is suitable for transporting a variety of chemicals, including but not limited to:

  1. Acid and alkali chemicals: such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, etc.

  2. Solvent: organic solvents such as alcohols and ketones.

  3. Pesticides: Transportation of various pesticide products.

  4. Fuel: Industrial alcohol such as ethanol, methanol, etc.

  5. Food additives: transporting various additives for food processing.

The Daily maintenance methods of Chemical Tank Truck:

  • Regular inspections: Check tanks, valves, pipelines, etc. for corrosion or damage.

  • Clean the tank: After transporting different chemicals, the inside of the tank should be cleaned in time to prevent cross-contamination.

  • Check the loading and unloading system: Make sure the loading and unloading pumps and pipelines are working properly and there are no leaks.

  • Check safety devices: Regularly check whether safety valves and emergency shut-off devices are intact.

  • Tires and Suspension: Check tire wear and suspension integrity.


  1. Q: What is the general tank capacity of a Chemical Tank Truck?

    A: The tank capacity varies depending on the car model, ranging from a few cubic meters to dozens of cubic meters.

  2. Q: Do I need a special permit to transport hazardous chemicals?

    A: Yes, transporting hazardous chemicals usually requires obtaining the appropriate hazardous materials transport permit and complying with strict safety regulations.

  3. Q: Is the maintenance cost of Chemical Tank Truck high?

    A: Due to the need for special materials and regular professional cleaning, the maintenance cost of Chemical Tank Truck is relatively high.

  4. Q: Does operating a Chemical Tank Truck require special training?

    A: Yes, drivers and operators often require specialized training in the transportation of dangerous goods.

  5. Q: What is the service life of Chemical Tank Truck?

    A: It depends on the frequency of use, maintenance quality and operating conditions of the vehicle. It can generally be used for more than 10 years.




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