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What is a milk tanker truck?

Milk Tanker Trucks are mainly used for the transportation of liquid dairy products, ensuring that the products remain fresh and of high quality throughout the entire process from the production site to the consumption site. Special vehicles specially used to transport liquid dairy products, such as fresh milk, whey, cream, etc. It has the characteristics of heat preservation, cleaning and easy loading and unloading, making it an indispensable transportation tool in the dairy industry.

Milk tank trucks are usually made of stainless steel or other food-grade materials to ensure the hygiene and safety of dairy products during transportation. The design of milk tankers focuses on maintaining the freshness and quality of dairy products while complying with food safety standards.

milk tank truck

How much milk is in a tanker truck?

The capacity of milk tank trucks varies according to different models and uses, with common capacities ranging from 5CBM to 25CBM. Small milk tankers may only be able to carry a few hundred liters, while large milk tankers can carry tens of thousands of liters of dairy products.

The Feature of milk tank truck:

Thermal insulation performance: The tank body is made of high-quality thermal insulation materials to ensure that the dairy products maintain a constant low temperature during transportation.

Hygienic design: The inside of the tank is smooth and has no dead ends, making it easy to clean and disinfect and prevent bacterial growth.

Loading and unloading system: Equipped with an automatic loading and unloading system to improve loading and unloading efficiency and reduce manual operations.

Temperature monitoring: Built-in temperature sensor to monitor the temperature of dairy products in real time to ensure quality.

Corrosion-resistant material: Made of food-grade stainless steel, it is corrosion-resistant and suitable for long-term storage of dairy products.

Safety performance: The tank has good sealing performance to prevent external pollutants from entering.

milk tank truck2

What is the use of milk tanker?

Milk tank trucks are widely used in the collection, transportation and distribution of dairy products. Specific applications include:

Dairy Plant Transport: Transport fresh milk from farm or dairy collection station to processing plant.

Dairy distribution: Distribute processed dairy products such as fresh milk, cream, etc. to supermarkets, restaurants, etc.

Raw material transportation: transporting dairy raw materials such as whey and lactose to food processing companies.

Daily maintenance methods:

Regular cleaning: Use the CIP (Clean In Place) system to clean the tank regularly to prevent bacterial growth.

Check seals: Check tank seals regularly to ensure good sealing performance.

Maintain refrigeration systems: Regularly inspect and maintain refrigeration equipment with insulation systems.

Check loading and unloading equipment: Make sure loading openings and related equipment are functioning properly and are leak-free.

Tires and Suspension: Check tire wear and suspension status regularly.


Q: How effective is the insulation of a milk tanker truck?

A: The milk tank truck adopts advanced insulation materials and design, which can effectively maintain the low temperature requirements of dairy products.

Q: Do milk tanker trucks require a special driver’s license?

A: Depending on local regulations, a corresponding commercial vehicle driving license may be required.

Q: Is the maintenance cost of milk tanker truck high?

A: The maintenance cost of milk tank trucks is relatively high because it requires regular cleaning and maintenance of the insulation system.

Q: How long is the service life of a milk tanker truck?

A: The service life of a milk tanker truck is usually more than 10 years, but it depends on the frequency of use and maintenance.

Q: What matters need to be paid attention to during milk tank truck transportation?

A: During transportation, attention needs to be paid to maintaining a suitable temperature, avoiding violent vibrations, ensuring the tank is sealed, and preventing contamination.

As an important transportation tool in the dairy industry, milk tank trucks are designed and functionally designed to ensure the quality and safety of dairy products throughout the supply chain. With proper operation and maintenance, milk tankers can effectively improve the efficiency and reliability of dairy transportation.




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