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What is a garbage truck called?

Garbage trucks, also known as rubbish trucks or garbage trucks, are special vehicles designed to collect, transport and dump urban domestic waste. It plays an important role in urban sanitation work and ensures the cleanliness and hygiene of the urban environment.

Garbage trucks, unload and transport garbage through mechanized operations. Its working principle mainly includes the following steps: first, the garbage is put into the garbage truck manually or automatically; then, the garbage truck compresses the garbage through a compression device to increase the loading capacity and reduce the number of transportation times; finally, the garbage is transported to a designated garbage disposal site for treatment.

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  1. Automated loading system: Many garbage trucks are equipped with automated loading arms, which can easily dump garbage from the garbage can into the vehicle.

  2. Compression technology: The built-in compression plate or compression box can compress the garbage to maximize the use of the vehicle's loading space.

  3. Sealed design: The rear of the garbage truck is usually equipped with a sealing cover to prevent garbage from scattering and odor from spreading.

  4. Hydraulic system: The hydraulic system is used to control the loading, compression and unloading process of the garbage truck.

  5. Multifunctional spraying device: Some garbage trucks are equipped with spraying devices for washing vehicles or reducing dust.

  6. Durable construction: The body and loading mechanism of garbage trucks are usually made of durable materials to adapt to harsh working environments.


Daily maintenance methods

  • Regular inspection: Regularly check whether the hydraulic system, loading mechanism and compression components of the garbage truck are working properly.

  • Cleaning maintenance: Clean the garbage truck after each use, especially the loading port and compression plate, to prevent garbage residue and corrosion.

  • Lubrication maintenance: Regularly lubricate the hydraulic system and moving parts to reduce wear and extend service life.

  • Sealing inspection: Check the sealing performance of the sealing cover and sealing strip to ensure that there is no garbage leakage.

  • Tire inspection: Regularly check the wear and air pressure of the tires to ensure driving safety.

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  1. Q: What is the loading capacity of the garbage truck?

    A: The loading capacity of the garbage truck varies depending on the model, ranging from a few cubic meters to dozens of cubic meters.

  2. Q: Is the operation of the garbage truck complicated?

    A: Modern garbage trucks are usually equipped with automated operating systems, which simplify the operation process and make it easier to operate.

As an important part of urban sanitation, garbage trucks have made important contributions to maintaining urban cleanliness and environmental protection through their efficient garbage collection and transportation capabilities. Proper operation and maintenance can not only improve the working efficiency of garbage trucks, but also extend their service life.




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