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Chusheng Vehicle Group Co., Ltd. at UZIME 2024 in Uzbekistan

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Chusheng Vehicle Group Co., Ltd. at UZIME 2024 in Uzbekistan

【Chusheng Vehicle Group Co., Ltd. attends UZIME 2024 in Uzbekistan】

Chusheng Vehicle Group Co., Ltd., a well-known Chinese automobile manufacturer mainly engaged in various types of trucks, will be present at the UZIME 2024 in Uzbekistan. At this exhibition, Chusheng Vehicle Group will showcase its diverse truck products, including dump trucks, trucks, wrecker trucks, fire trucks, aerial work trucks, tank trucks, LPG series trucks and semi-trailers.

Chusheng Vehicle Group's product line covers a wide range of truck types to meet the needs of different industries and application scenarios. The following are some of the company's main products:

Dump trucks: suitable for material transportation in construction sites and mining areas.

Cargo Trucks: provide efficient solutions for logistics and commodity transportation.

Wrecker trucks: professional vehicles for road rescue and vehicle recovery.

Fire trucks: fire rescue and emergency services.

High Altitude Operation trucks: provide aerial work platforms for urban maintenance and engineering construction.

Tank trucks: professional vehicles for transporting liquid and powder materials.

LPG series: transportation of liquefied petroleum gas.

Semi-trailers: flexible cargo transportation solutions.

UZIME Chusheng VehicleChusheng Vehicle Group sincerely invites all buyers participating in UZIME 2024 in Uzbekistan to visit booth B15 for exchanges. We look forward to communicating with you face to face, answering all your questions about the products, and exploring cooperation opportunities.

Contact information

If you have any questions or needs during the exhibition, please feel free to communicate with us:

Exhibition name: 2024 UZIME

Chusheng Vehicle booth number: B15

Exhibition time: June 12, 2024 to June 14, 2024

Contact number: [+8613659813873]

Email: [ /]

Chusheng Vehicle looks forward to meeting you at UZIME 2024 in Uzbekistan to explore cooperation opportunities and create a better future together.

Chusheng Vehicle has cooperation projects in many countries around the world and is always committed to expanding the international market. And We warmly welcome truck buyers from all over the world to come to China to visit our factory so that can get more product details and establish long-term cooperation with us. Wish the 2024 UZIME exhibition a great success!

UZIME Chusheng Vehicle- Jack with Customer,UZIME Chusheng Vehicle- Jack introduce Our Product to CustomerUZIME Chusheng Vehicle- Jack with CustomerUZIME Chusheng Vehicle- Jack introduce Product to Customer

(Chusheng Vehicle's Jack introduce to Customer Friends)

Chusheng Vehicle Group Co., Ltd.

Release date: June 12, 2024

Chusheng Vehicle

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