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Factory Price HOWO 6*4 25T 371HP Flatbed Wekcer Truck Heavy Duty Wrecker Tow Truck for Sale

Features of a flatbed wrekcer truck
Compact Size: Designed to be maneuverable in tight spaces, making it ideal for urban and residential areas.

Hydraulic Lift: Equipped with a hydraulic system to lift and tip skip bins for easy waste loading.

Compactor Mechanism: Incorporates a compactor to compress waste, increasing the truck's capacity and reducing the frequency of landfill trips.

Safety Features: Includes safety features such as warning lights, alarms, and secure bin-locking mechanisms to ensure safe operation.

Enclosed Hopper: An enclosed hopper to contain waste and prevent spillage during transport.

Control System: Easy-to-use control system for the operator to manage loading, compacting, and unloading processes.

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  • CSC2023091201

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What is a flatbed wrekcer truck ?

A flatbed wrekcer truck , also known as a skip loader or compactor truck, is a versatile vehicle designed for waste management services. It is specifically engineered to load, transport, and compact waste materials from skip bins, making it an efficient solution for urban and residential waste collection.

Applications of a flatbed wrekcer truck

These trucks are used in a variety of waste management scenarios:

  • Residential Waste Collection: For collecting household waste from skip bins placed on streets or in residential areas.

  • Commercial Waste Management: Servicing commercial establishments like restaurants, shops, and office buildings.

  • Construction Site Cleanup: Removing debris and waste from construction sites using larger skip bins.

  • Industrial Waste Disposal: Transporting industrial waste in a controlled and compact manner.

  • Municipal Services: Used by municipalities for routine waste collection and street cleaning operations.

Categories of a flatbed wrekcer truck

  1. Front-End Loaders: Designed to load skip bins from the front, with the compactor mechanism located at the rear.

  2. Rear-End Loaders: With the loading and compactor system at the rear, allowing for easier access to bins in confined spaces.

  3. Side-Loading Trucks: Capable of loading bins from the side, suitable for areas with limited maneuvering space.

  4. Walk-In Compactor Trucks: Featuring a walk-in hopper for manual waste collection, in addition to automated bin loading capabilities.

Maintenance and Care of a flatbed wrekcer truck

To ensure the reliable operation and longevity of a skip bin loader small garbage truck, regular maintenance is crucial:

  1. Routine Inspections: Regularly inspect the truck's hydraulic system, lifting arms, and compactor for wear and damage.

  2. Hydraulic Fluid Checks: Monitor hydraulic fluid levels and quality, replacing as necessary to maintain system performance.

  3. Lubrication: Lubricate all moving parts and pivot points to reduce friction and prevent corrosion.

  4. Cleaning: Keep the truck, especially the hopper and compactor area, clean to prevent the buildup of waste and odors.

  5. Brake and Tire Maintenance: Regularly service brakes and tires to ensure safe and efficient operation.

  6. Electrical System: Check the electrical system for any faults, including control panels and safety lights.

  7. Record Keeping: Maintain records of all maintenance activities for tracking and compliance purposes.


HOWO 76 cab, Driving   type 6x4, LHD/RHD

Vehicle Main Dimensions

Overall   dimensions (L x W x H) mm


Wheel   base  (mm)


Wheel   track  (front/rear) (mm)


Approach/Departure   angle(°)


Weight in KGS

Tare Weight




Front axles   loading capacity


Rear axles   loading capacity







Horse Power   (HP)


Emission   standard

Euro Ⅱ


HW19710, 10 Forwards   gear & 2 reverse gear


12R22.5  tubeless tire with one spare

Oil tank


Special Device For Wrecker System

Hoisting Organ

Rated   under-pulling capacity


Max   Under-hoisting Capacity (kg)


Max   Under-hoist length (mm)


Under hoisting work angle


Lifting Organ

Max lifting capacity(kg)


Max lifting high(mm)


Telescope length(mm)




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