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Hot Sale Howo 360 degrees Rotating Crane 30Ton wrecker Truck Tow Truck for sale

360 degree Rotating Crane wrecker Truck is widely used in roads/of-roads where there is an accident and vehicles aren't suitable to drive, aiming to restore road traffic,capable of rescuing and towing a wide range of heavy-duty vehicles or equipments.

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  • CSC5317TQZZT5

  • Chusheng

Hot Sale Howo 360 degrees Rotating Crane 30Ton wrecker Truck Tow Truck, a versatile and powerful solution for heavy-duty towing and recovery operations. With its 360-degree rotating crane and impressive 30-ton capacity, this truck is designed to handle a wide range of tasks with ease. Whether you're in the construction, transportation, or emergency response industry, this wrecker truck is sure to meet your needs.


  • 360-degree rotating crane for maximum versatility and reach

  • 30-ton capacity for heavy-duty towing and recovery operations

  • Durable construction and reliable components for long-lasting performance

  • Advanced hydraulic system for smooth and efficient operation

  • User-friendly controls and intuitive operator interface


  • Heavy-duty towing and recovery operations

  • Construction site support and equipment transportation

  • Emergency response for vehicle accidents and breakdowns

  • Utility and infrastructure maintenance

  • Industrial and commercial towing services

Maintenance and Care:

  • Regularly inspect and maintain the crane and hydraulic system to ensure optimal performance

  • Monitor fluid levels and replace filters as recommended by the manufacturer

  • Keep the truck's exterior clean to maintain a professional appearance

  • Perform routine maintenance on the engine and transmission

  • Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for tire care and replacement


Q: What is the capacity of the Hot Sale Howo 360 degrees Rotating Crane wrecker Truck?
A: The truck has a capacity of 30 tons, making it suitable for heavy-duty towing and recovery operations.

Q: Can the crane rotate 360 degrees?
A: Yes, the crane is designed to rotate 360 degrees for maximum versatility and reach.

Q: What kind of applications is the truck suitable for?
A: The Hot Sale Howo 360 degrees Rotating Crane wrecker Truck is suitable for heavy-duty towing and recovery operations, construction site support, emergency response, utility maintenance, and industrial towing services.

Q: How often should the crane and hydraulic system be inspected and maintained?
A: It is recommended to inspect and maintain the crane and hydraulic system regularly to ensure optimal performance, following the manufacturer's maintenance schedule.

Q: Is the truck easy to operate?
A: Yes, the Hot Sale Howo 360 degrees Rotating Crane wrecker Truck features user-friendly controls and an intuitive operator interface for convenient operation.

CabinDriving   type 8x4
HW76 Cab,  Flat roof, one and half   rows cabin   ,luxury sedan configuration, A/C provided; Air suspension seat;   Lumbar   support to the driver; Adjustable steering wheel ; Sun roof
Vehicle Main DimensionsOverall   dimensions   (L x W x H)mm12000×2500×3700
Wheel base  (mm)1800+4600+1350
Wheel track  (front/rear) (mm)2022/1830
Weight in KGSTare   Weight(KGS)26000
Front axles loading   capacity(KGS)2 x   9500
Rear axles loading   capacity(KGS)2 x   16000
Max.   driving speed(km/h)95
Type4-stroke   direct injection,6-cylinder in-line with water cooling,   turbo-charging   and inter-cooling
Horse Power(HP)400HP
Emission standardEuro Ⅱ
GearboxHW19710,   10 speed forward and 2   reverse gear
ClutchReinforced   diaphragm clutch, diameter   430mm
SteeringBosch   power steering
Oil tank400   liters
Tire12.00R20   10pcs tires   with one spare
Special Device For Wrecker System
Hoisting OrganRated   under-pulling   capacity31000
Max Under-hoisting   Capacity (kg)16000
Max Under-hoist   length (mm)2500
Under hoisting work angle-10~85°
Lifting OrganMax   lifting capacity(kg)30000
Max lifting high(mm)12000
Telescope length(mm)6000
Basic length of lifting boom (mm)5200
Steel rope45M,Φ22
Crane luffing angle5°~   60°
Crane rotation angle360°All   Rotation
Landing LegDistance   between front legs(mm)6100
Distance between rear legs(mm)4000

Our Advantage

1.Competitive Factory Price and Excellent Quality
2.More than 20 years' experience as original manufacturer
3.Products Quality Certification SGS CCC ISO TUV
4.Perfect after-sale service
5.Customized products are available as per clients' requirements
6.Export to more than 60 countries and regions


1. One year quality guarantee for three key parts axles, engine, transmission or within 50000km, which comes the first.

2. Other spare parts could be supplied by OEM at factory cost prices.
3. Regularly follow up to know the vehicle's working status.
4. Free technical support during the whole life cycle of the truck and trailers (say 10 years);

5.Special service team with technial engineers are ready if any quality complains, will respond in 24 hours with feedback and solution.

Flexible Payment Term:

1.100% TT

2. 30% TT in advance,70% before shipment

3. 100% USANCE LC at sight

4. TT in advance, balance in LC

Delivery time:

30-40 working days after receipt of advance deposit

Packing and Shipping:

Nude and wax, shipped in container ship, bulk vessel, flat deck or RO-RO ship
Do wax spray process to against the trailer body suffer seawater corrosion during shipping
Stable fixing with steel wire,to protect the trailer during shipping
Reliable logistic service from famous freight supplier makes transport process safely and promptly





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