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4 Axles 60T U Shape Heavy Duty Dump Tipper Semi Trailer for Hot Sale

Total volume: 35m³
Side wall thickness: 8mm
Bottom plate thickness: 10mm
Main beam: Height: 500mm, Upper plate: 16mm, Middle plate: 14mm, Lower plate: 18mm, Material: NM450, wear-resistant steel.
Lifting System: Full set of HYVA lifting cylinder
Axle: 14T, BPW
Tire: 12.00R22.5

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4 Axles U Shape Dump Tipper Semi-Trailer: The Ultimate Bulk Hauler

The 4 Axles U Shape Dump Tipper Semi-Trailer has emerged as a preferred choice for logistics companies and industries involved in the transportation of bulk materials. Its innovative design and functionality make it increasingly popular for moving a wide range of bulk and unpacked goods, including coal, ore, and building materials.

Enhanced Design for Bulk Transportation

U Shape Design: The unique U-shaped body of the semi-trailer maximizes the volume for bulk materials, providing a larger carrying capacity compared to traditional designs.

Multi-Axle Support: With four axles, the trailer offers enhanced stability and weight distribution, making it suitable for heavy loads.

Customizable to International Standards

International Compliance: The dumper trailer is designed to meet international transport standards, ensuring seamless cross-border operations.

Country-Specific Customization: We understand the diverse needs of different countries. Therefore, the bottom and top plate of the dumper trailer can be customized to comply with specific regulations and requirements.

Advanced Construction for Durability

High-Strength Materials: Constructed with high-strength steel, the trailer is built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty transportation.

Robust Frame: The robust frame is designed for durability, ensuring a long service life even with frequent use.

Versatile for Various Bulk Goods

Coal Transportation: Ideal for coal mining industries, the U shape and sturdy construction make it perfect for coal transport.

Ore Hauling: The trailer's strength and design are suitable for the transportation of various ores over long distances.

Building Materials: Capable of carrying bulk building materials such as sand, gravel, and cement.

Operational Efficiency

Easy Loading and Unloading: The U shape design facilitates easy loading and, most importantly, unloading of materials, reducing the time spent at each stop.

Tipper Mechanism: Equipped with a reliable tipper mechanism for efficient discharge of the cargo.

Safety and Comfort Features

Safety Equipment: The semi-trailer is fitted with safety equipment including reflective markers and warning signals for enhanced visibility.

Driver Comfort: Designed with the driver in mind, the semi-trailer ensures smooth operation and stability, reducing fatigue on long hauls.

Maintenance and Support

Easy Maintenance: The trailer is designed for easy maintenance, with accessible parts and simple inspection routines.

Global Support Network: We offer a global support network to assist with any maintenance or repair needs, ensuring minimal downtime.


Mining Industry: Essential for the mining sector, transporting large quantities of coal and ore efficiently.

Construction Sector: Vital for the movement of bulk construction materials to various sites.

Logistics and Freight: Ideal for logistics companies handling bulk freight across different sectors.


The 4 Axles U Shape Dump Tipper Semi-Trailer is a testament to modern engineering, offering a reliable and efficient solution for bulk material transportation. Its growing popularity is a result of its ability to meet international standards while being adaptable to various country-specific needs. With its enhanced design, operational efficiency, and commitment to safety, it stands as a preferred choice for industries looking to optimize their bulk transportation operations.

4 axles tipper semi trailer
Tare Weight10000kgs
Overall Dimension10700mm*2550mm*3650mm(L*W*H)
SuspensionAmerican mechanical suspension with front axle lifting
Tire12.00R22.5 steel tire, 16 units with one spare
Axle14T, 4 alxes, BPW
Main BeamHeavy duty and extra durability designed I beam; Opting for manganese steel
Q355, welded by automatic Submerged-Arc processes.
Top Flange 16mm, width 140mm; Middle Flange 14mm; Bottom Flange 18mm, width 140mm.
King Pin90#(3.5 inches)
Landing GearJOST 28T
Steel sheetFloor thickness 8mm, side wall thickness 10mm
MaterialNm450, wear-resistant steel
Hydraulic JackFull set of HYVA hydraulic system
TailgateOne-piece tailgate with upper articulation, safety lock system
BrakesDual lines pneumatic brake system, WABCO Emergency Relay Valve; T30/30 air chamber; parking brake
Lights & ReflectorsRear light, rear reflector, turn indicative light, side reflector, fog lamp, number plate light
Wiring24V, 6 lines
Air/Elec. ConnectorISO standard air connector, 24V 7 pin plug socket
Painting1 coat of anticorrosive prime, twice coats of final paint





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