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To Angola-2 units of ISUZU 100P dump trucks

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To Angola-2 units of ISUZU 100P dump trucks

Two units of ISUZU 100P small dump trucks produced by Hubei Chusheng Vehicle Group Co.,Ltd.

On July, 12th, 2022. Chusheng Vehicle Group finished and delivered 2 units of ISUZU 100P small dump truck with Euro V emission standard for Angola.

On July, 2022. We did a successful case from Angola customer.

The customer is middleman who plans to purchase 2 units small dump trucks for their customer. After careful communication with the customer, we gave our detailed product parameters and professional technical drawings for customer reference and finally helped the customer to get the project successfully.

From order confirmation to final completion. 2 units dump trucks were completed within 25 working days by Chusheng Vehicle Group.

Main technical parameters of ISUZU 100P 5 tons dump trucks are as follows,

Isuzu single row, Left hand drive, with air conditioner.

Wheelbase: 3360mm.

4KH1CN5LS Engine 98HP.

Euro V emission standard.

ISUZU MSB, 5 Forwards gear & 1 reverse gear.

7.00R16, 6 pieces with one spare.

Front axles loading capacity 2 tons, Rear axles loading capacity 4.8 tons.

5 tons dump box. Side plate thickness: 3mm. Bottom plate thickness: 4mm.

If you need to purchase dump truck, please don’t hesitate to contact Ms. Tina Tu. WhatsApp: +86 188 2711 7409. Email:

The trucks finally finished and loaded by the 40HQ container at the factory:

Dump truck drawing for reference:

Tank Material: Carbon steel Q235/B. Dump Box Dimension: 4000×1800×600(mm). Dumping Direction: Rear





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