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Best Selling HOWO 4×2 Vacuum Sewage Suction Tanker Truck Vacuum Sewage Cleaning Suckion Truck for sale

Our sewage suction truck is ideal for sewer and toilet cleaning. With optional high pressure water jetting, it can easily unclog tunnels and pipes. The powerful vacuum pump can deal with all types of heavy slurries and muds.
Chassis Brand: Dongfeng/DFAC, Foton, HOWO, other chassis available.

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What is a Vacuum Sewage Suction Tanker Truck?

A Vacuum Sewage Suction Tanker Truck, often referred to as a vacuum truck or a sewage tanker, is a specialized vehicle designed for the collection, transportation, and disposal of liquid and semi-liquid waste materials. These trucks are equipped with a powerful vacuum system that can handle a variety of waste, including sewage, sludge, and other non-hazardous liquids.

Features of a Vacuum Sewage Suction Tanker Truck

  1. High-Capacity Tank: The truck features a robust tank made of corrosion-resistant materials to hold large volumes of waste.

  2. Vacuum System: Equipped with a powerful vacuum pump that can create a strong suction force to draw in waste.

  3. Hydraulic System: Allows for the control of the vacuum system and the movement of the waste within the tank.

  4. Safety Valves: To prevent over-pressurization and ensure safe operation.

  5. Discharge System: Includes a hose and nozzle for the efficient discharge of the waste at the disposal site.

  6. Control Panel: User-friendly interface for easy operation and monitoring of the truck's functions.

Vacuum Sewage Suction Tanker Trucks are versatile and can be used in a variety of applications:

  1. Sewage Collection: For the collection of sewage from residential and commercial properties.

  2. Sludge Removal: Ideal for removing sludge from industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants.

  3. Septic Tank Cleaning: Used for cleaning and emptying septic tanks.

  4. Emergency Response: Can be deployed in emergency situations to manage spills and containment of hazardous liquids.

  5. Construction Sites: Useful for the removal of water and mud from construction sites.

Categories and Uses

  1. Standard Vacuum Trucks: Designed for general waste collection and are suitable for most applications.

  2. High-Pressure Jetting Trucks: Equipped with high-pressure water jets for cleaning pipes and drains.

  3. Combination Trucks: Feature both vacuum and jetting capabilities for a wider range of tasks.

  4. Specialized Trucks: May include additional features such as heat exchangers for handling hot waste or specialized tanks for hazardous materials.

Maintenance and Care

To ensure the longevity and efficiency of a Vacuum Sewage Suction Tanker Truck, regular maintenance is essential:

  1. Inspection: Regularly check the truck's components for wear and tear.

  2. Cleaning: Clean the tank and vacuum system after each use to prevent buildup of waste.

  3. Lubrication: Keep moving parts well lubricated to reduce friction and wear.

  4. Filter Maintenance: Replace or clean filters regularly to maintain optimal suction power.

  5. Hydraulic Fluid: Check and replace hydraulic fluid as needed.

SINOTRUK HOWO 4×2 Sewage Vacuum Tank Truck



Driving type 4x2. Left hand driven

2080 cab, with three seats,one sleeper, could be overturned. No A/C

Vehicle Main Dimensions

Overall dimensions (L x W x H)mm


Wheel base  (mm)


Wheel track  (front/rear) (mm)


Approach/Departure angle(°)


Weight in KGS

Tare Weight


Recommended Payload


Front axles loading capacity


Rear axles loading capacity


Max. driving speed(km/h)








4-stroke direct injection, 4-cylinder in-line, turbo-charging and inter-cooling

Horse Power(HP)


Emission standard

Euro Ⅲ

Fuel Type



DC6J65TC, 6 forwards gear, 1 rear gear

Tire Model

8.25R20, 6 pieces with one spare


Power steering, Left hand driven

Sewage Tank


As requirements

Effective Tank Volume


Tank Thickness

Tank body 6 mm

Tank Material

Carbon Steel Q235B

Anti-wave Plate

2pcs. Carbon Steel Q235B. 5 mm

Suction Sewage Pump

CHINESE water cycle suction pump



Pumping Speed


The lifting oil cylinder


Head Seal Cylinder


Multi-way Valve

1pc. Double valve, Control mode: manual

Hydraulic Oil Pump

1pc. Material: aluminum alloy. Flow capacity: #40

Vacuum Pressure Gauge

1pc. Material: stainless steel. Pressure: 0.1-0 Mpa

Negative Pressure

Safety Valve

1pc. Brand: MEC imported from Italy

Positive Pressure

Safety Valve

1pc. Brand: MEC imported from Italy

Hydraulic Tubing Material

Rubber Steel wire hose

Main Parts

1. Overflow device: 1pc. Material thickness: stainless steel

2. Liquid level alarm: 1pc. Material thickness: stainless steel

3. Feed port: 1pc. Specification: DN100, aluminum alloy; Control mode: manual

4. Discharge outlet: 1pc. Specification: DN150, aluminum alloy; Control mode: manual

5. Visual sewage pipe: Material: plexiglass; Thickness: 6 mm

6. Prevent slippery ladder

7. Tank top protection device: Protective handrails are installed on both sides of the tank top; Anti-slide plate is installed on top of tank body.

8. Flashing amber beacon on top of vehicle


12 months for key parts: engine, gearbox and axle , tank body and Vacuum Pump

Our Advantage

1.Competitive Factory Price and Excellent Quality
2.More than 20 years' experience as original manufacturer
3.Products Quality Certification SGS CCC ISO TUV
4.Perfect after-sale service
5.Customized products are available as per clients' requirements
6.Export to more than 60 countries and regions


1. One year quality guarantee for three key parts axles, engine, transmission or within 50000km, which comes the first.

2. Other spare parts could be supplied by OEM at factory cost prices.
3. Regularly follow up to know the vehicle's working status.
4. Free technical support during the whole life cycle of the truck and trailers (say 10 years);

5.Special service team with technial engineers are ready if any quality complains, will respond in 24 hours with feedback and solution.

Flexible Payment Term:

1. 100% TT

2. 30% TT in advance,70% before shipment

3. 100% USANCE LC at sight

4. TT in advance, balance in LC

Delivery time:

30-40 working days after receipt of advance deposit

Packing and Shipping:

Nude and wax, shipped in container ship, bulk vessel, flat deck or RO-RO ship
Do wax spray process to against the trailer body suffer seawater corrosion during shipping
Stable fixing with steel wire,to protect the trailer during shipping
Reliable logistic service from famous freight supplier makes transport process safely and promptly


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